“Brad is one of life's 'can-do', inspirational leaders! He weaves together a wealth of personal encouragement with a no-nonsense, yet creative approach to finding life solutions. Brad's knowledge and insight helped me significantly on many occasions as I journeyed though the tough early years of social entrepreneurship. I would highly recommend his brilliant coaching style and aptitudes.”

Neil Dennison

Chief Executive Officer, Urban Pursuit CIC


"Brad has a passion and ability for creating value out of seemingly nothing. He is guided by an enormously strong moral compass and In the 20 years I have known him he has constantly looked for opportunities to use these skills usually trying to put people above profit and help them find their paths”

Toby Hughes

Chief Executive Officer, Wonder Born Studios


“Brad radiates positivity - just being around him gives you a zest for life and a belief that anything is possible.He gives you the tools to learn how to listen to yourself and find out what you really want in life. I leave sessions feeling empowered and enlightened with a sense of purpose and direction. He is reasoned and analytical yet also has a maverick mind, and he has shown great empathy. Having run a large health care clinic I am familiar with the world of counsellors, coaches, psychologists, and would definitely recommend Brad as someone who has a unique talent.”

Pete Culliford, Portugal


“Brad is supportive, genuinely enthusiastic and has been a positive influence on my life for over a decade now. I’m glad he’s sharing his knowledge and energy with a wider audience.”

Kevin Morgan

Senior Partner, Law Firm

dan doherty.jpeg

“Sometimes in life you meet with someone for coffee and get a lot more than you bargained for. Last time I met with Brad, for example, we talked through an idea that I had been thinking about for months. In the hour I spent with Brad we came up with a name for it, a strategic plan, and advice on how to carry it forward. Within 24hrs the project was live and it is going from strength to strength. I have never made so much progress in one hour!”

Dan Doherty

Chief Executive Officer , Mullers Charity


“I'm fortunate to have known Brad for many years now, both as an entrepreneur and as a friend. One of the most positive, passionate and inspiring people I've met, Brad has been truly inspirational to my journey and his advice and guidance have been key to me taking my first steps in my own Life Pivot into business. After a conversation with Brad, I always leave with a clearer thinking and better plans on how to tackle new challenges and opportunities.”

Razvan Trifan

Founder, Prism Real Estate

niall jones.jpeg

Brad is a kind, big hearted guy, a natural 'includer'. I found he was always able to make time for others, including me, and with such a great entrepreneurial, innovator’s mind, and he makes a great, consistent, positive impact as a coach in times of change. A great guy too, more than happy to recommend him!"

Niall Jones - Founder Ideeter


“Brad is one of the rarest breed of people with a balance of head and heart, he is a visionary who is inspired to bring the best out of people and organisations using a combination of sound thinking and lateral thought. Time spent with him is time well spent...expect to be challenged and inspired in equal measures”

David Doulton

Chief Executive Officer, Mortgage Focus